VALUE:  Rigden Thankga – $1,500 (Rigden Thankga without frame currently $825.00)

Opening bid:  $100 — with minimum $25.00 increases

Beautiful Rigden Thankga – framing done to archival standards with UV protective museum quality glass.  35″ by 41 1/2 ” — ideal for a Shambhala center or group. Or splurge and make this the center piece in your home.  Shipping costs will be extra.


Pencil Drawing by Herb Ferris circa 1972 – Herb is a long time student of the Vidyadhara, Chogyam Trungpa with sculpture at Karme Choling, Chase Bank in NY, Children’s Museum in Seminole Oklahoma to site just a few of his public collections.  His sculpture can be found in private homes and buildinss throughout the United States

Opening Bid:  $75.00


Rare - perfect condition

For Your Next Enlightened Dinner Party

Estimated value:  $350.00

Pattern:  “Oriental Chrysanthemum” by George Briard

No longer available, except on “replacement” websites this perfect set of 8 dinner plates, 8 desert or salad plates and 8 cups and saucers by the award winning designer, Georges Briard, in the 50s, 60s and 70s whose dishware was sold at such upscale stores as Neiman Marcus can be yours.

Opening bid:  $50.00


Beautiful Thangka of the Buddha from Nepal.  This beautiful thangka was brought back from Nepal about 15 years ago to our former Center Director.  The frame is perfect, the cover is perfect (although I’m not able to drape it properly).  There are slight “scratches” on the face, chest, arm and hand.  These are not visible from about 3′ away.

Opening bid:  $50.00

Close up of the Buddha Thangka


The Second Annual Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction

This year, the silent auction will be held on Saturday 10 December 2011 at our Shambhala Center in White River Junction for the benefit of Shambhala South Africa and to kick off their scholarship fund.

And because of the generosity of several of our members, we decided to open up this auction to the greater Shambhala mandala and enable online bidding to occur, if someone is inspired to buy something!!

There will be new items posted between now and the day of the auction.  Because this is a fund raiser and we are donating everything – we are asking that IF you purchase something, you factor in the cost of shipping if possible.

ALSO — if you are inspired to simply help with this effort of raising funds for South Africa Shambhala’s scholarship fund – please feel free to give whatever you can either by using the paypal link or sending a check to:

Shambhala Center White River Junction

PO BOX 1254

White River Junction, VT  05001

Thank you so much for your interest in reading this website and for any donations you feel inspired to give.

How to Donate

While we really wish you could be joining us, here in White River Junction Shambhala Center for this fun silent auction, we know that is just not possible for everyone.

With this in mind if you are inspired by our vision to help Shambhala South Africa grow please donate to their scholarships fund.

This will enable South African Shambhalians to attend advanced Shambhala Buddhist programs in Europe, South America or America.

Any donation, large or small is deeply appreciated.  Please click on the blue “donate with paypal” link below!  You need not have a paypal account to use paypal.  You will be guided through the donation process.

donate with paypal

How To Place Bids Online

Please email me directly to place a bid.  Please include your name, address including state and zip and telephone number.

Since we will be bidding at our center at White River Junction during a live auction, your online bid will be added appropriately.

For example,  If you placed a bid for an item for $900.00 and the bidding at the center goes to $500.00 with no further bid – then I would place your bid at the next increment for that item.  If the incremental increases are $50.00 — then I would bid for you – $550.00.

If someone at the center then goes to $600.00, I would then increase your bid to $650.00 — if the bidding stops at $650.00 then the item is yours for $650.00 regardless of what your maximum bid might have been.

You will be contacted the next day if you won your bid.

An Auspicious Bond

 What started out was a simple Sangha-Announce request to offer a place to rest has grown into a real relationship and bond between the Cape Town sangha, now called Shambhala South Africa and her sister sangha, White River Shambhala Center in Vermont.

 Jennifer Woodhall, the director of the Cape Town Shambhala Group was looking out for Johann Vester who was making his first journey to Boston.

Johann would be going to the Mukpo Institute at Karme Choling for a year or more in order to become someone who could assist her in with the fledgling sangha in Cape Town, South Africa.

I responded by emailing, saying I was happy to offer Johann a room and bed to sleep after his long flight and travel and then drive him up to Karme Choling.

I had my own connection with Cape Town having spent three fascinating weeks there several years before.

After Johann rested for an evening, we headed off to Karme Choling the next morning.

During the drive, Johann shared his amazing and inspiring story.  A Zen practitioner for 10 years when he met Jennifer and the Shambhala teachings.

Inspired, he sold his home, transferred his clients to another psychologist,found a home for his dog, packed up his belongings and made the long flight from Cape Town to Boston.

Johann was the consummate student and practioner while at in the Mukpo Academy at Karme Choling completing 33 dharma programs up through Vajrayana Seminary at Shambhala Meditation Center in 2010 and Warriors Assembly before heading back to Cape Town.

Our center had been sending donated dharma books to the Cape Town Sangha for over a year and in December 2010, we decided it was time to really step up and send one of our senior teachers.  Donna Williams.

Donna was an early student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and is currently a student of the Sakyong, having attended Scorpion Seal Retreat Three this past summer at Dorje Denma Ling .  A seasoned teacher of the Shambhala Path and best yet she was willing to give a month of her time to teach and help in South Africa.

The catch was the airfare so a festive spaghetti dinner and silent auction was held at our center in White River Junction  in early December 2010.

The money was raised and Donna headed off to Cape Town for a month of back to back Shambhala programs in late February 2011, bringing with her a gift from our sangha of a Great Eastern Sun banner.

This year, our center is holding the 2nd Annual Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction this time to kick off a scholarship fund for the South Africa Shambhala Group to benefit those students who might not otherwise be able to finance the airfare and costs of the more advanced Shambhala programs.

What started out was a simple Sangha-Announce request to offer a place to rest has grown into a real relationship and bond between the Cape Town Sangha, now called Shambhala South Africa and her sister Sangha, White River Junction.

It is our aspiration that other Sanghas see the potential in this type of relationship and watch eagerly for an auspicious coincidence of their own to arise.

The Result of the 1st Silent Auction

Our first spaghetti dinner and silent auction was a great success.  Not only did we raise the airfare — we raised BEYOND the airfare with enough money after the cost of the dinner, rental for tables and glasses to be able to give to our White River Junction Shambhala Scholarship fund over $800.00

Donna went to South Africa as planned and taught every weekend she was there (4 weekends) much to the delight of the sangha.  Word from Jennifer Woodhull was that Donna was just loved by the sangha who found her delightfully funny and warm.  And less intense than Jennifer.

I had to laugh — Donna LESS intense?  I’m looking forward to meeting Jennifer 🙂

The success of this first auction has lingered in my mind for a year and sometime in August I approached Donna about doing the SECOND ANNUAL Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction to benefit the South African Shambhala Center.

Donna suggested raising money to start their scholarship fund, for advanced Shambhala Programs not held in South Africa.

GREAT idea.  We were given the green light by the center council, told Jennifer of our plans and we are preparing for the auction — only 13 days away.

The History of This Auction


Dear Community,

Please save this date — 11 December 2010 – Saturday – 6PM at the center for a spaghetti/pasta dinner AND silent auction with special door prizes FROM the Cape Town Shambhala Center.

As many of you know, we’ve been sending dharma books to Cape Town Shambhala Center for over a year.  These are well loved.

So — in keeping with our generosity as a sangha — I came up with the bright idea of LET’S SEND ONE OF OUR TEACHERS!!!

And Donna Williams has kindly agreed to organize her life so she can spend a month at the end of February through March 2011 to teach the Sacred Path … there are NO teachers in South Africa who are qualified to do these more advanced classes of Shambhala.

You might imagine IF Cape Town has trouble buying dharma books because of the exchange rate and cost — a PLANE TICKET is impossible.

The intention of the silent auction is to raise the airfare to send Donna.  It will be a White River Shambhala Center act of generosity to help bring more dharma to South Africa.

Donna will be teaching in Cape Town, Johannesburg and possibly Durban (where there is a small group).

The auction evening going to be REALLY fun — several have already pledged items for the auction; including Elixir giving a free dinner!!

So — please — come.  I think you’ll find some lovely items that can be Christmas, Hunukkah, or Shambhala day presents WHILE making this trip become a reality!!

(and Shambhala Cape Town has promised to send some little native-made crafts we can use for door prizes).

More details later — am heading into a 2 week retreat at Karme Choling — when I return – I’m be working on gathering things to auction.  So, look around your homes and see if you might be willing to part with a lovely painting, piece of pottery, jewelry, dharma art or thankga or buddhist statue!!