The History of This Auction


Dear Community,

Please save this date — 11 December 2010 – Saturday – 6PM at the center for a spaghetti/pasta dinner AND silent auction with special door prizes FROM the Cape Town Shambhala Center.

As many of you know, we’ve been sending dharma books to Cape Town Shambhala Center for over a year.  These are well loved.

So — in keeping with our generosity as a sangha — I came up with the bright idea of LET’S SEND ONE OF OUR TEACHERS!!!

And Donna Williams has kindly agreed to organize her life so she can spend a month at the end of February through March 2011 to teach the Sacred Path … there are NO teachers in South Africa who are qualified to do these more advanced classes of Shambhala.

You might imagine IF Cape Town has trouble buying dharma books because of the exchange rate and cost — a PLANE TICKET is impossible.

The intention of the silent auction is to raise the airfare to send Donna.  It will be a White River Shambhala Center act of generosity to help bring more dharma to South Africa.

Donna will be teaching in Cape Town, Johannesburg and possibly Durban (where there is a small group).

The auction evening going to be REALLY fun — several have already pledged items for the auction; including Elixir giving a free dinner!!

So — please — come.  I think you’ll find some lovely items that can be Christmas, Hunukkah, or Shambhala day presents WHILE making this trip become a reality!!

(and Shambhala Cape Town has promised to send some little native-made crafts we can use for door prizes).

More details later — am heading into a 2 week retreat at Karme Choling — when I return – I’m be working on gathering things to auction.  So, look around your homes and see if you might be willing to part with a lovely painting, piece of pottery, jewelry, dharma art or thankga or buddhist statue!!



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