How To Place Bids Online

Please email me directly to place a bid.  Please include your name, address including state and zip and telephone number.

Since we will be bidding at our center at White River Junction during a live auction, your online bid will be added appropriately.

For example,  If you placed a bid for an item for $900.00 and the bidding at the center goes to $500.00 with no further bid – then I would place your bid at the next increment for that item.  If the incremental increases are $50.00 — then I would bid for you – $550.00.

If someone at the center then goes to $600.00, I would then increase your bid to $650.00 — if the bidding stops at $650.00 then the item is yours for $650.00 regardless of what your maximum bid might have been.

You will be contacted the next day if you won your bid.


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