The Result of the 1st Silent Auction

Our first spaghetti dinner and silent auction was a great success.  Not only did we raise the airfare — we raised BEYOND the airfare with enough money after the cost of the dinner, rental for tables and glasses to be able to give to our White River Junction Shambhala Scholarship fund over $800.00

Donna went to South Africa as planned and taught every weekend she was there (4 weekends) much to the delight of the sangha.  Word from Jennifer Woodhull was that Donna was just loved by the sangha who found her delightfully funny and warm.  And less intense than Jennifer.

I had to laugh — Donna LESS intense?  I’m looking forward to meeting Jennifer 🙂

The success of this first auction has lingered in my mind for a year and sometime in August I approached Donna about doing the SECOND ANNUAL Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction to benefit the South African Shambhala Center.

Donna suggested raising money to start their scholarship fund, for advanced Shambhala Programs not held in South Africa.

GREAT idea.  We were given the green light by the center council, told Jennifer of our plans and we are preparing for the auction — only 13 days away.


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